DNS Failover

Enhanced Uptime and Reliability for Mission Critical Apps and Servers

The CloudfloorDNS Failover service is a critical component to bringing uptime to your server(s), API’s and more. Using the Netmon Global Monitoring Service, it monitors your servers as often as you wish, and when a failure is detected the DNS records are modified to instantly update to a backup server, or to remove an IP from a load balancing pool upon failure.

You set custom notifications and alert profiles for you and your IT team, and a web-based management option makes adding, starting and stopping tests a breeze from anywhere. Multiple test types (15 in all) and 7 different monitoring points around the globe ensure we’ve got you covered.

DNS Failover acts as a low cost insurance or disaster prevention service for your internet presence. Even if you don’t have a backup server, you can still failover to another URL or even a backup landing page that is hosted on the CloudfloorDNS servers.

  • Failover your servers to a backup IP upon Failure

  • We monitor your server from up to 7 worldwide locations, 15 test types

  • When a failure is detected, DNS is changed to a backup

  • Multiple Failover Options, including CNAME Failover

  • Failover Manually for testing, or Automatic and other variations

Failover Applications
        • Test at custom intervals from 10 seconds, 1 min, 3 min and up
        • Test HTTP/S Servers, FTP, SSH, SMTP, IMAP, TCP, UDP & more
        • DNS Failover – When Server is down, Update DNS to Backup
        • DNS Load Balancing – If a server fails, remove from LB pool
        • Custom Notifications – Tiered Notification, Client Notification
Testing Protocols

Supported Netmon Tests/Protocols:
Any Custom Port,  HTTP & HTTPS   POP   SMTP    IMAP    SSH    FTP   TELNET   DNS   TCP & UDP Connect   Ping   Custom Probe
Pingdom    DNS Experience    Latency Testing

Other Test Options:
Check content on site for specific text , Check server for specific response codes, Check web page for CRC
Allow HTTP Keep Alives, Accept Any HTTP Response as good
Follow HTTP Redirects , Ignore Invalid SSL Certs

Failover Methods

With CloudfloorDNS failover you can react to almost any server failure or performance issue and use DNS to rectify the situation.
The following DNS Failover options are available:

    • Failover your DNS to a backup IP when a server stops responding or hands back error codes
    • Failover your DNS to a backup IP based on Latency on a primary server, secondary server etc.
    • Failover to a custom URL for a backup if a second server isn’t available
    • Failover to a custom landing page we host and you create
    • Failover and remove an IP from a load balancing or round robin pool
    • CNAME Failover provides you with a custom CNAME – you keep DNS with your current provider
Monitoring Locations

Monitor your servers from multiple locations across the globe.  Choose to test from all seven or just three. There is no extra fees for selecting to monitor from all locations.

Our current monitoring locations include:  Guernsey, UK   –   Frankfurt DE   –  Chicago, IL   – Dallas, TX   –   Los Angeles, CA   –   Amsterdam, NL   –  London, UK

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  • Failover on Latency, Response Code & more

  • CNAME Failover for External DNS

  • Failover to a URL or Landing Page

  • Failover to another IP

  • Failover and Remove IP

  • Failover on Performance

Failover is one of the fastest way to add redundancy to your website or internet-facing servers. No Hardware required, and a URL can be the backup if you don't have a second server.

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