Enterprise DNS Services

Managed Anycast DNS & Domain Management – All in One Place

Our Enterprise DNS and Domain Management enables you with the power to manage your DNS and Domain related tasks in one easy to use interface.  Designed to solve the DNS and Domain headaches of the modern CTO/CIO, our fast and reliable network and advanced DNS services unleashes the power of your internet presence.

Serve your internet-facing domains with our global Anycast DNS for rock solid reliability.   Utilize our advanced DNS services such as DNS Failover for added uptime on your websites and other mission-critical apps and sites.  Our DNS Load Balancing and GEO DNS offer the ultimate in scalability and data delivery and can handle even the largest global advertising campaigns.

Bulk transfers, registrations, DNS templates, and a wealth of other domain management tools saves you from the headaches when managing a corporate domain portfolio.  Combine and consolidate by using CloudfloorDNS as your sole registrar and managed DNS provider.

  • Uber Fast & Reliable Anycast DNS

  • Corporate Domain Management

  • Secure, Web Based Management Panel

  • DNS Failover / GEO DNS / Load Balancing

  • No Hardware Required, its in the DNS Zone!

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Fast & Reliable Anycast DNS

Our Global Anycast DNS network offers lightning fast DNS responses and offers a 100% DNS uptime SLA for your mission critical websites and apps
  • Anycast and Unicast Networks
  • Advanced DDOS Mitigation
  • 25 POPS around the world for DNS and Monitoring
  • Fully Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6
  • Fully Compatible with DNSSEC
  • Designed for Scalability & Reliability
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Cloud Compatible DNS

Designed for today's competitive online business environment our DNS platform is completely compatible with cloud based apps and services
  • Compatible with AWS, Cloudflare CDN and more
  • CNAME Failover lets you use external DNS
  • Cloud Hostname CNAME Tracking
  • Fully Compliant with IPv4/IPv6
  • Add Speed & Reliability to your Cloud Apps
  • Load Balancing scales your Cloud servers
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Advanced DNS Failover

Instanty add uptime to your online presence with our DNS Failover. Instantly Failover to a backup IP or remove a failed or slow server from a load balancing pool
  • Add Instant Uptime with DNS Failover
  • Fast Failover, as low as 10 Seconds, adjustable intervals
  • Failover, Stayover, Siwtchback, Manual Force Options
  • Failover Multiple Records at one in a Zone
  • Monitor from up to 7 locations around the globe
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Advanced DNS Load Balancing

Built to scale your internet operations, our DNS Load Balancing can handle the traffic fluctuations in today's online business environment. Balance the load over two or more servers, using weighted, round-robin or even GEO Load Balancing
  • Instant Scalability using our DNS Load Balancing
  • Weighted & Round Robin Load Balancing Options
  • Distance Based Load Balancing with GEO
  • Performance Based Load Balancing
  • Fully Integrated with DNS Failover & Monitoring
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GEO DNS & GEO Load Balancing

Our GEO DNS and Load Balancing give you the scalability to handle the largest of DNS spikes by balancing your traffic over multiple servers. Our GEO DNS offers you pinpoint accuracy to deliver your content based on the customer country
  • Distance Based GEO Load Balancing
  • Deliver DNS Responses based on location
  • Integrated Maxmind GEO DNS Database
  • Cloud-Enabled for added compatibility
  • EDNS0 Client IP offers pinpoint IP GEO Accuracy
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Build your Internet Foundation

Invest in your Internet Operations with CloudfloorDNS. Extreme Reliability, Security & Flexibility along with the support you'd expect from an Enterprise level service
  • Priority Support, 24/7 available
  • 100% Uptime SLA, DNS Performance SLA
  • 2-Factor Authentication and Country Lock Login
  • DNSSEC compatible for extra DNS Security
  • Handles the largest of DNS & Domain Portfolios

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