Secondary DNS Hosting

Backup your DNS Zones with Secondary DNS Hosting

Backup your DNS
If DNS is down, your digital business goes down along with it!

Email, Website, API’s and other mission critical apps and services will also be affected.   No DNS or Slow DNS can seriously hurt your brand reputation and your bottom line.  The average IT outage (including DNS outages) can cost on the average of $10,000 per minute!   It’s just a matter of time before it happens to your business.

Our Secondary DNS Hosting acts as a critical backup if your primary DNS fails or is attacked.   We can provide Secondary DNS for your DNS at Dyn, Verisign, UltraDNS, NSone, GoDaddy and any other DNS provider that allows AXFR zone transfers.   Your DNS zones are mirrored on our global Anycast DNS network proving higher speed and the ultimate in DNS reliability. Secondary DNS also gives you the peace of mind that you’ll never suffer from a complete DNS outages from using a single DNS provider.

gettyimages-476666366-small2Added DNS reliability isn’t the only benefit you’ll get when choosing to use CloudfloorDNS as your secondary DNS provider.   You’ll also get many of our Enterprise DNS features such as Pure Anycast DNS, IPV6 and DNSSec compatibility, Zone Backups and Audit logs, Detailed DNS Stats, and a 100% uptime guarantee

Interested in seeing how it’s done?  Check out our PDF docs showing how to setup Secondary DNS with these popular DNS Service providers:

adobe-PDF-icon (Custom)Hosting DNS at DYN? – Backup your DNS at CloudfloorDNS [PDF]

adobe-PDF-icon (Custom)Hosting DNS at DNSMadeEasy? – Backup your DNS at CloudfloorDNS  [PDF]

adobe-PDF-icon (Custom)Hosting DNS at NS1? – Backup your DNS at CloudfloorDNS  [PDF]

adobe-PDF-icon (Custom)Hosting DNS at GoDaddy? – Backup your DNS at CloudfloorDNS [PDF]

  • Protects you from a DNS Service Outage

  • AXFR transfer of your Zones to Secondary DNS

  • Pure Anycast Secondary DNS offers Speed and Resiliency

  • Simple and Secure Web-Based Management Panel

  • Extremely Fast & Easy to setup and start replicating your DNS Zones

  • Compatible with most major Domain Registrars, Web Hosting and Managed DNS providers

  • AXFR Zone Transfers

  • Automatic or manual DNS Zone Transfers

  • Advanced DDoS protection

  • Secure Web-Based DNS Management Panel

  • Fully Compatible with IPV6 and DNSSec

a DNS outage can take your whole online business with it costing upwards of $10,000 or more per minute! Secondary DNS enhances the reliability of this critical component of your online operations"

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